A Warning For Pardew!

Last updated : 04 May 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

This was arguably the worst personal abuse a Newcastle manager has had to endure at any game, let alone one at St James’ Park, and it’s almost impossible to see him coming back from this.

SKY TV pundit Charlie Nicolas watched the game and said: "This is the worst atmosphere I have ever known at St James' Park and I have been there countless times.

"The fans won't let this drop. They want the manager out and Pardew may think he has got over the worst, but trust me, this won't go away.

"He can say to himself 'well I've got that out of the way - it will get better now', but it won't!"

Pardew claimed some of the criticism has been “over the top” and this is where he failed to build any bridges because the club is in a state and no amount of spin can hide that.

It is the 52-year-old’s belief that anger among supporters has been whipped up by the press when it’s manifestly obvious that this is not the case.

“Alan Pardew, it’s never your fault,” went one song.

Pardew said: “The most important thing was a victory for our fans.

“They have obviously been upset about our recent run and made for a difficult atmosphere against a team that needed to win, and it was a tight game.

“They have been angry about the run. Coming to the sidelines was only antagonising so it seemed to me a lot of sense to let John Carver do that and for me to take a seat.

“I apologise to them for the last six games. Hopefully we’ve made a very small step towards that. I clapped before I went off but I didn’t want to make an issue or a problem. It seemed like we’d had enough.

"Of course I want to thank them for following us up and down the country and spending their money, so I didn’t want to make a problem.

“While I think it’s important that we won against Cardiff, we were never going to do that and a win against Liverpool won’t do it either.

“We need to make sure we start next season in the same place we started last season when we were challenging for Europe.

“We need to accept the criticism and make the right calls. I was proud of the players today. I’m just looking at Liverpool now. Our confidence has been lifted today."