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Newcastle East End originated from two smaller clubs in the east of the city, Rosewood and Stanley, formed in 1881. Within a few months East End had become established with a base in Byker, then at Chillingham Road in Heaton. Their colours were red and white stripes (God forbid!).

On the other side of the city, Newcastle West End were formed a few months later in 1882. Founded as an offshoot of a cricket club, they played on the Town Moor (as it was then) at St James' Park.

While West End had the better ground, East End were the better team. The first league was formed in 1889 (Northern League) and it wasn't until 1889/90 when one of them reached the first round of the FA Cup, when West End played Grimsby Town.

East End became a limited company in 1890 as West End struggled, and in 1892 East End took over the lease of St James' Park. East End tried to join the Football League but were knocked back, then they applied again under a new name. At a meeting in the Bath Lane Hall, close to St James' Park in December 1892 the two clubs combined. Was it to be Newcastle City, Rangers or United? United won the day and on December 22nd 1892 Newcastle United was born (although it was not legaly recognised until 1895).


Newcastle have a healthy record in the cup, but they last won it in 1955. They first appearend in the FA Cup final in 1905 at Crystal Palace, but Aston Villa swept them aside 2-0 with two goals from Hampton. They returned the following year but lost to Everton with a 75-minute goal from Sandy Young, which was described as the only chance of a boring game. They lost to Wolves in the final of 1908 2-1, but finally the FA Cup came to Gallowgate in 1910.

1909/10 Newcastle United 1 Barnsley 1 (Rutherford)

(at Crystal Palace) Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veitch, W Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson.

1909/10 Newcastle United 2 Barnsley 0 (Shepherd 2 (1 pen))

(at Goodison Park) Lawrence, Carr, Whitson, Veitch, W Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson.

1923/24 Newcastle United 2 Aston Villa 0 (Seymour, Harris)

(at Wembley) Bradley, Hampson, Hudspeth, Gibson, Spencer, Mooney, J Low, Cowan, N Harris, McDonald, Seymour.

1931/32 Newcastle United 2 Arsenal 1 (Allen 2)

(at Wembley) McInroy, Nelson, McKenzie, Davidson, Weaver, Boyd, Richardson, Allen, McMenemy, Lang.

1950/51 Newcastle United 2 Blackpool 0 (Milburn 2)

(at Wembley) Fairbrother, Cowell, Corbett, Harvey, Brennan, Crowe, Walker, Taylor, Milburn, G Robledo, Mitchell.

1951/52 Newcastle United 1 Arsenal 0 (G Robledo)

(at Wembley) Simpson, Cowell, McMichael, Harvey, Brennan, E Robledo, Walker, Foulkes, Milburn, G Robledo, Mitchell.

1954/55 Newcastle United 3 Manchester City 1 (Hannah, Milburn, Mitchell)

(at Wembley) Fairbrother, Cowell, Corbett, Harvey, Brennan, Crowe, Walker, Taylor, Milburn, G Robledo, Mitchell.


The Football League Cup has had many names, but has never been lifted by a Newcastle United captain. The competition started in the 1960/61 season and Newcastle lost to Colchester United 4-1 in their first fixture, and to be honest, there hasn't been much glory since. United beat Tottenham in the 1975/76 season 3-1 at St James' Park to overturn a 1-0 defeat at White Hart Lane and reach their one and only final. They played Manchester City at Wembley but lost 2-1. Ex-Sunderland winger and Newcastle-born Dennis Tueart scored the winner with an incredible 'bicycle kick' and picked up his winners medal wearing a black and white shirt. That is the closest we have come. United's side that day: Mahoney, Nattrass, Kennedy, Barrowclough, Keeley, Howard, Burns, Cassidy, Macdonald, Gowling, T Craig. Cannell was sub.


How often have we heard it - Newcastle United have not won the Championship since 1927? Sadly, yes, it's true. In English football history certain periods belong to certain clubs. Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool have dominated the scene in our lifetime. Huddersfield, then Arsenal were the two sides of the 1920s, but before that Newcastle ruled the roost. Edward VII, the Prince of Wales, succeeded Queen Victoria in 1901 and the Magpies were on their way to glory. They reached five FA Cup finals and won the league three times between 1905 and 1911.

1904/05 Division One (top flight)

1906/07 Division One (top flight)

1908/09 Division One (top flight)

1926/27 Division One (top flight)

1964/65 Division Two

1992/93 Division One (second division)