Woody on his way back

Last updated : 10 October 2003 By Martyn Elliott

But he also revealed that the second hernia was only discovered at the last minute and that if it hadn’t been found then Woodgate could have been out of action for a much longer period.

"Jonathan has had a double-sided hernia operation and I've been told everything is fine," Sir Bobby told the Evening Chronicle.

"The other one had gone and it was just as well we did them both together.

"If we had just had the one done, the chances are that the other one would have needed doing as soon as he came back.

"He could have spent seven or eight weeks getting back to fitness from the first operation and then needed another one straight away, which would have put him out again.

"Hopefully, we've killed two birds with one stone.

"This should be the end of it now. He's fine and he'll now be working towards getting back into training."