Wise Is At Newcastle To Stay!

Last updated : 10 February 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
Here are a selction of questions and answers -

CAN you offer any explanation as to why there has been a lack of communication from the club and owner, particularly during the time when Kevin Keegan departed the club?

We can't answer any questions on Kevin Keegan until we have made a settlement. We didn't want to lose Kevin.

SO why doesn't Mike Ashley like speaking publicly and is there any chance that might change?

THERE is a possibility Mike will speak publicly.

WHAT exactly does Dennis Wise do and will he be staying?

DENNIS is our director of football. He is out there looking for players.
He will remain part of our management structure. It works quite well with Joe and Dennis and ourselves.

IF Mike Ashley cares about the club and listens to the fans, why didn't he reinstate Keegan and get rid of Wise?

IT'S a no-comment I'm afraid.
It's something we can discuss later. It was never a possibility.

WOULD Mike consider re-appointing Chris Mort as chairman?

THAT'S not going to happen.

HOW can you justify running a company from London when the company's head office and entire operation is based in Newcastle?

WE don't have an office in London. Let's clear that up.

Dennis is travelling most of the time but he'll be here twice a week. I am here five days a week.

Mike is in the Midlands and running Sports Direct. He comes down once a week, and he's going to spend most of that time at the training ground. Being run from London is nonsense and it's never been the case.
It's just that we're Londoners.

MANY fans believe you are destroying NUFC. Discuss.

RELEGATION is a major fear for us too. Whatever players the manager has asked for, he's had.

Are we disappointed we didn't get another midfielder? Yes.

Are we disappointed we didn't get another right-back? Yes. But that January transfer window is so awkward.

As far as we're concerned we see Newcastle United as having an exciting future.

It's not a question of anything else. Why would you buy a business and then just run it into the ground?

HAVE you treated fans with contempt?

I CAN understand why they feel like that. But no.

Our silence is seen as contempt. But that is due to the outstanding issues such as arbitrations with courts and we've had to keep a low profile not to jeopardise any of those outstanding issues.

We've made mistakes. Football is a new business to us, not running a stadium.

Communication has been a mistake. Sometimes we feel like we've been bombarded and then when we have come out it's been twisted.

That has made us mistrusting of the Press.