Will His Goals Tally Be Better?

Last updated : 17 August 2018 By Footy Mad - Editor

Rondon is refusing to state a goals target publicly and acknowledges he must score more: “If you are a striker, the most important thing is to score goals.

“I know my stats and maybe they have not been really, really high but everyone knows that I was playing at West Brom. In my first season here I scored 10 goals. Maybe that didn’t make everybody really happy, but it was also difficult.

“In my career before then, I didn’t have any red cards and then I had a red card. It was a difficult time for me because my dad had an aneurysm in his brain, so it was a difficult moment for me.

“I tried to be focused and tried to score goals, although it wasn’t enough in my opinion. If you are a striker, you want to score 15, 20 goals and it wasn’t like that, but I was happy anyway.”

Last year at West Brom was tough, he acknowledges: “The way we went down last season (was tough) – I say we, because everyone did bad things.

“In the first month, players wanted to leave. It was difficult because we changed the manager three times. If you do bad things from the beginning, you will finish the season in a bad way.

“We did really well under Darren Moore. In the last few games we only lost the last one, but we went down to the Championship. The only positive thing for me over the past three years was when I arrived in the Premier League the supporters made me feel like I was at home, to be honest.

“I remember my first game against Manchester City and they sung to me. It was an amazing feeling. It was a dream to come to the Premier League and that was a beautiful moment for me as a footballer. But the way last season went was very tough.”