When Newcastle Shocked The World!

Last updated : 18 April 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

Will it ever happen again at St James' Park?

Not in my lifetime I don't think.

Tottenham got a world-record fee for Gareth Bale but head coach Tim Sherwood cannot help feeling they were short-changed.

After a marvellous few years at White Hart Lane, the 24-year-old last summer swapped north London for Real Madrid in a record-breaking 100million euros (£85.3million) deal.

The gargantuan fee raised more than a few eyebrows but Bale has not wilted under the pressure brought by the price tag.

The winger has shone in his debut campaign in Spain and so far netted 20 goals, the latest being Wednesday's outstanding solo strike that secured Madrid the Copa del Rey crown at the expense of Barcelona.

The strength, speed and composure shown by Bale in scoring left onwatchers open-mouthed and reinforced Spurs head coach Sherwood's belief that Tottenham should have got more money for him.

Tim Sherwood: "His fee looks cheap now.

"If he is going to deliver them the European Cup - which it looks like he might - then that looks good business [for Madrid].

"To have Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale - he's a freak of nature what you see there.

"When he was running on the track he'd run past three old ladies eating a hamburger and come back on the pitch, and still be fastest to the ball.

"Look at his goal, he was playing against Barcelona, he's had a great season."


2009  £80,000,000  Cristiano Ronaldo  Man Utd to Real Madrid  
2009  £56,100,000  Kaka  AC Milan to Real Madrid  
2001  £45,600,000  Zinedine Zidane  Juventus to Real Madrid  
2000  £37,000,000  Luis Figo  Barcelona to Real Madrid  
2000  £35,500,000  Hernan Crespo  Parma to Lazio  
1999  £31,000,000  Christian Vieri  Lazio to Inter Milan  
1998  £21,900,000  Denilson  Sao Paulo to Real Betis  
1997  £19,500,000  Ronaldo  Barcelona to Inter Milan  
1996  £15,000,000  Alan Shearer  Blackburn Rovers to Newcastle Utd  
1992  £13,000,000  Gianluigi Lentini  Torino to AC Milan  
1992  £12,500,000  Gianluca Vialli  Sampdoria to Juventus  
1992  £10,000,000  Jean-Pierre Papin  Marseille to AC Milan  
1990  £8,000,000  Roberto Baggio  Fiorentina to Juventus  
1987  £6,000,000  Ruud Gullit  PSV Eindhoven to AC Milan  
1984  £5,000,000  Diego Maradona  Barcelona to Napoli  
1982  £3,000,000  Diego Maradona  Boca Juniors to Barcelona  
1978  £1,700,000  Paolo Rossi  Juventus to Lanerossi Vicenza  
1975  £1,200,000  Giuseppe Savoldi  Bologna to Napoli  
1973  £920,000  Johan Cruyff  Ajax to Barcelona  
1968  £500,000  Pietro Anastasi  AS Varese 1910 to Juventus  
1963  £250,000  Angelo Sormani  AC Mantova to Roma  
1961  £142,000  Luis Suarez  Barcelona to Inter Milan  
1957  £94,000  Omar Sivori  River Plate to Juventus  
1954  £72,000  Juan Schiaffino  Penarol to A.C. Milan  
1952  £51,000  Hans Jeppsson  Atalanta to Napoli  
1932  £23,000  Bernabe Ferreyra  Club Atletico Tigre to River Plate  
1929  £10,890  David Jack  Bolton Wanderers to Arsenal  
1925  £6,550  Bob Kelly  Burnley to Sunderland  
1922  £5,500  Warney Cresswell  South Shields to Sunderland  
1922  £5,000  Sydney Puddefoot  West Ham Utd to Falkirk  
1920  £3,500  David Jack  Plymouth Argyle to Bolton Wanderers  
1914  £2,500  Percy Dawson  Hearts to Blackburn Rovers  
1913  £1,500  Charlie Roberts  Manchester Utd to Oldham Athletic  
1905  £1,000  Alf Common  Sunderland to Middlesbrough  
1904  £700  Andrew McCombie  Sunderland to Newcastle Utd  
1902  £520  Alf Common  Sheffield Utd to Sunderland