What Was The 'Out Of The Blue' Meeting About?

Last updated : 14 September 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
The fact that Keegan and Ashley were prepared to sit around a table has encouraged United fans, even if those talks were only about the question of compensation after the former's resignation last week.

The talks are believed to have centred on whether Keegan could return to St James' Park.

The Chronicle's Alan Oliver was interviewed on Sky Sport on Saturday, and he convinced KK would not cut short his holiday in Spain to talk about a pay-off ... something they could have done over the phone.

Oliver reports: "Keegan has been in a chirpy mood in the contact I have had with him this week, and he has obviously been lifted by the support he has received from the Toon Army.

"In contrast, the silence from St James's Park has been deafening since the statement they released last Saturday responding to Keegan's comments."

The NUFC official website does not mention anything about demonstrations, and there was no mention about the meeting on Friday night.

So much so ... it seems the club is pretending NOTHING is happening at all!

Media sources in London claimed today that details of Friday's meeting were leaked by the Ashley camp, to try and stop the demonstrations by the fans at the Hull City game.