We Will Have To Improve!

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40 points is regarded as safety, but last season 35 would have kept any club up as Hull City could only manage 34.

But if 40 is the target, we will have to be better in the last nine games than we were in the previous 29.

29 points from 29 games means one point a game, giving us 38 if we continue at this rate. Is it good enough?

Four wins must be the target. But from who?

Four home games but two of those are against Chelsea and Arsenal. However, if we cannot beat Southampton and West Brom at St James' Park we don't DESERVE to stay up!

It's going to be tough but, as Ian Wright said on Saturday: "I don't think Newcastle will stay up under their own stream, but I think there are three worse sides than them."

Let's see.


38             40  
Hull City
38             34  
38             28  
38             24  


March 10 – Southampton (H)
March 31 – Huddersfield (A)
April 7 – Leicester (A)
April 14 – Arsenal (H)
April 21 – Everton (A)
April 28 – West Brom (H)
May 5 – Watford (A)
May 13 – Chelsea (H)
TBC – Tottenham (A)