We’ve enjoyed the ride

Last updated : 20 March 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby

"I've just said 'It's over, forget about it, it's gone'. We've enjoyed the ride, brilliant. We've paid the money, got the ride, got off the tramcar - let's go again.

"We have eight matches to go, we've loved it so much, we know we can do better. We're a learning side - look at Jermaine Jenas' performance tonight at 20 years of age, and Titus Bramble and Craig Bellamy and we have Shola Ameobi to come on and so forth.

"We're still a good side. We have eight games to go, and we like it so much, we need it next year, we want it next year, and I just said 'Let's concentrate on that'.

"The championship is not over. Arsenal will come home wounded - I don't know what the effect of that is, I just know that in my opinion, with the players I've got, we'll bounce back. We always have.

"We're seeking a Champions League position next year. It's been great, a great experience, we've done very well in it. We haven't been over-awed, we haven't been out-classed in any of the games.

"We've lost 2-0 and people not at the game would think it's been easy for Barcelona. But it wasn't. We were clearly the better side with more possession, more chances, but didn't win the game.

"I'm not complaining about Titus - he's been marvellous - but he's got to learn that you can't play football with a lurking, dangerous centre-forward behind you.

"Don't think about playing football, just be a good defender and clear the ball out like they did.

"We had the ball, we had two players and Kluivert scores the goal. You can't concede goals like that.

"That goal belongs to the school yard. It doesn't belong to St James' Park. It's not a criticism of the player, but it's a stupid goal in a very highly important game.

"And the second goal is exactly the same. I've had a right whack at our defenders for allowing Motta to meet a cross in front of goal."

Raddy Antic

"It was a good match, Newcastle were looking for a victory until the last minute and it was a good battle all the way through.

"We should be very proud with the result tonight."