Toon v Gunners - latest Cup news

Last updated : 13 March 2002 By
Arsene Wenger had argued for a Sunday kick-off, but United pointed out that there are Internationals scheduled for the following Wednesday.

The Metropolitan Police have refused an early evening Saturday or Sunday kick-off in the Capital, and so the matter had to be resolved in an FA meeting this morning.

The timing will cause difficulties for the Toon Army, they would have to travel down in the early hours of the morning, but this seems to be the only option.

Meanwhile, if Newcastle get through the tie, the semi-final with Middlesbrough will now be played at Old Trafford, and not at the Stadium of Light as was first thought, as it has been deemed too small.

The tie will take place Sunday 14th April.

The FA have asked for the tie to be played at Old Trafford due to its 67,000 capacity, compared with the Stadium of Light's 47,000.

However, this would not be without its problems, as there would be thousands of fans travelling from the North East to Manchester at the same time.