Toon Not The Only Club Struggling To Find A Buyer!

Last updated : 28 November 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor


Rangers' majority shareholder Sir David Murray admits the Ibrox club has yet to attract any interest from a prospective buyer.

Rangers have debts of around £30million, and earlier this year Murray stepped down from the chairmanship to be replaced by Alastair Johnston.

He also dismissed rumours that Lloyds Bank was effectively running the club.

Sir David Murray: "There has been no interest at all ... no - none.

"We are hoping to go into break-even and make a small profit.

"It's not going to be a lot, but there will be no further losses.

"For the record, I will repeat that I am totally prepared to sell the club.

"Price is important but it is not the most important factor, as long as you hand it over in the best interests of the football club.

"Before I stepped down I made it clear we will not sell any of our prime assets while we are fighting for the league.

"Rangers is no different from any other business. Lloyds has given us a facility and we are no different from a household or a business. The club must work within that.

"If people don't like that, well, they are not living in the real world.

"I think you will find that every other football club has gone the same way."