Toon Fans Backing Fulham!

Last updated : 11 March 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
But Fulham manager Roy Hodgson is confident Allardyce will keep Blackburn in the Premier League, which doesn't fill us with confidence.

Hodgson: "I guess there are parallels with me (last season) and I think Sam and Harry would certainly say so.

"But the position when I took over was, I think, more perilous. I think that Harry, with the money he has had to make signings, and Sam, with the quality of the squad at his disposal, were in a more comfortable position in terms of what they found in front of them.

"Having said that, I was lucky that I got a terrific response from the players when I arrived and they put in performances that they had not put in before. That is what Sam will be hoping for.

"The lucky thing for Blackburn, as for Tottenham, is they have a manager of great experience - both of football and of the Premier League.

"Because of that I do not think they are going to get caught out by anything that happens and they will also be able to put perspective on victories and defeats. That is important."

Wednesday 11th March 2009
Fulham v Blackburn 20.00

Saturday 14th March 2009
Arsenal v Blackburn 15.00
Bolton v Fulham 15.00
Everton v Stoke City 15.00
Hull City v Newcastle 15.00
Man Utd v Liverpool 12.45
Middlesbrough v Portsmouth 15.00
Sunderland v Wigan Athletic 15.00

Sunday 15th March 2009
Aston Villa v Tottenham 16.00
Chelsea v Man City 13.30

Monday 16th March 2009
West Ham v West Brom 20.00