The Problem With Shelvey Is ...

Last updated : 26 February 2018 By Footy Mad - Editor

Sol Campbell modestly described himself as one of the ‘greatest minds in football’ earlier this week - but one of the retired defender’s former England teammates might be more worthy of that accolade judging by his appearances as a pundit over the past 12 months.

Image result for Newcastle UnitedFrank Lampard has popped up on various football shows since calling time on his illustrious playing career last February - and he’s impressed everyone with his erudite punditry.

The 39-year-old regularly features on BT Sport but has also appeared on Sky Sports and was on BBC’s Match of the Day (MOTD) on Saturday night.

The Chelsea legend, who was widely regarded as one of British football’s most intelligent players even before he retired, thanks in part to the 11 GCSEs he obtained back in 1994, is clearly a bright bloke with plenty still to offer the game.

Punditry is unlikely to be a permanent thing for Lampard, who has aspirations of becoming a first-team coach.

Speaking about the first goal, which saw Lewis Cook get away from Shelvey to set up Adam Smith, Match of the Day pundit Lampard said: “As good as his passing was the defensive side of his game in the latter stages didn’t live up to it.

“There didn’t seem to be a problem on the left-hand side but all of a sudden Lewis Cook moved and Jonjo Shelvey doesn’t.

“He seen him clearly and doesn’t move.

“The ball was played to Adam Smith and by the time the ball hit the back of the net, Jonjo Shelvey has got his hands on his knees and he’s bent over, there’s no reaction from him at all.”

Shelvey had his hands on his knees again during for Dan Gosling’s equaliser.

Lampard said: “All of his team-mates are defending for their lives and look at Jonjo Shelvey, hands on his knees, he’s moved forward several metres rather than get back to help his team-mates.

“I don’t understand. I don’t think it’s a physical thing.

“I think adrenalin thing, I think it’s a concentration thing, he switches off.

“And Rafa Benitez will be livid and that’s why sometimes he doesn’t play him because he’s the best passer in the team but moments like that can cost you the game.”