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Last updated : 31 December 2018 By Footy Mad - Editor

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Michael Owen doesn’t learn his lessons.

He has invited fans/people to ask him questions via his Twitter account and it it rarely, if ever, ends well.

Sunday night at 9.08pm, he fell into the same trap once more.

Michael Owen putting this message up:

‘Travelling home from London, wide awake, not done one in ages so let’s do a Q&A my friends.’ (9:08 PM – 30 Dec 2018)

This is just a small selection of the questions fired at him, predictably there were Newcastle fans joining in the fun…

‘If you had your time again would you have tried in your last season at Newcastle?’

The Spectator’s view:

‘Which were you more upset about:

Earning millions at Newcastle United then choosing not to play in crucial games to save the club from relegation because you might not get a contract elsewhere if you were injured?

Neil Thompson:

‘Why did you fake an injury in a must win game for nufc ?’

Fergus Morris:

‘What colour crayons taste the nicest?’

Lee Lambert:

‘What’s the maximum price you would pay for beans on toast?’

East AFC:

‘Will there ever be a boy that can swim faster than a shark?’

Matt Watton:

‘Are you naturally boring Michaelor did you have to work at it ?’

Will Clarke:

‘Would you rather have a head the size of a tennis ball or the size of a watermelon?’