The Life And Times Of A Newcastle No 9

Last updated : 20 June 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
He claims he feared for his life after he and a friend were ambushed by masked gunmen this week. Not in Scotswood or Collingwood Street, I may add, but in the Nigerian capital of Lagos.

The pair were attacked on Monday night when a gang opened fire on Martins' car at a petrol station and although the star escaped unscathed, his friend was left wounded.

Martins has finally been tracked down (which can take some doing) and we hear he is in Italy recovering from the ordeal.

This is not the first trouble he has had this season on international duty, he was attacked in Lagos after going AWOL from Newcastle. Will this suggest he puts his international career on hold?

Martins: "I didn't know their mission but they looked scary and mean. My nerves were completely dead when I saw the guns.

"If you are attacked by armed robbers, they only threaten you and take whatever they want but these guys were only after my life.

"How I managed to escape is still shocking and unbelievable.

"Maybe someone up there loves me more than I could imagine because only he could explain what happened.

"But my mother is scared they could come back again.

"She almost passed out when she saw the car. She just kept asking who wants me dead.

"I don't feel safe in Lagos any more and don't think I want to return so fast.

"I was born in Lagos, I am a Lagosian. But when I don't feel safe in my hometown then something must be wrong.

"I am not running away from armed robbers but people who want to take the life of Obafemi Martins.

"It's a great thing to play for your country, put smiles on the faces of people and also feel safe among your family and fans.

"But when the situation gets out of hand, I don't think coming home is something I can even contemplate."