The Beaver Who Won't Go Away!

Last updated : 17 November 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor


Moat reportedly made a £60million offer up front with guarantees of a further £20m next season ... but many believe the man couldn't come up with enough money to buy Del Boy's three-wheeler!

One thing is certain, (money or not) he keeps getting his name in the newspapers and his face on the TV. But isn't that the plan?

Barry Moat: "For one reason or another it didn't come to pass.

"It's extremely disappointing. It's something we'd given up a lot of time and effort and abortive costs with so I've been feeling pretty bruised by the whole process.

"As my wife keeps telling me, 'No-one's died' so you've got to get on. That's fundamentally where I see it now.

"I think from my perspective I don't think Mike Ashley wants to stay at St James' Park for the long term, so I'll never give up.

"I'll keep beavering away in the background and hopefully one day we'll get there.

"Hopefully he'll make some investment in the club. Hopefully we'll get some commercial partners.

"Hopefully the money will be spent on the playing squad and that bears fruit and we get back to where we deserve.

"Let's face it Newcastle is a massive club. 43,000 to 44,000 people turned up there the other week to watch Peterborough.

"No disrespect to Peterborough, but they brought some great fans. This is Newcastle United, it is a massive club.

"It's a global brand and it should be at the top of European football."