'Tears In The Beer' At Bolton ... Again!

Last updated : 23 July 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
Well them Trotters are still crying in their beer after Sam Allardyce decided enough was enough, and it was time to leave Toy Town and join what he describes as "a massive club".

And now they've got a bee in their pretty little bonnets about Joey Barton (another player who snubbed them, who is at 174 on the list so far this season).

Apparently Joey's injury at Carlisle on Saturday has brought welcome delight to Bolton fans, who are trotting their little legs with delight.

This article (from Vital Football) comes with a health warning for all Toon fans. Please don't p*ss your pants when you read it:

"Heartening news arrived over the weekend. Newcastle`s most expensive chav, Joey Barton, has fractured a metatarsal. It couldn`t happen to a more deserving chap.

"Barton`s misdemeanours include stubbing a cigar out in a youth player`s eye, running over a Liverpool fan in his car and being sent home from Thailand after an altercation with a fifteen year-old Everton fan. And that`s before he started punching his team mates.

"Ex-Bolton boss Sam Allardyce seems to have his troubles on Tyneside. Sicknote Owen`s crocked again, he can`t get any defenders and Kerion Dyer is after getting his ugly mug out of St James` Park. As reported previously on this site this is all part of the Curse of Those Who Spurn Bolton. David Dunn, Dietmar Hamman, Laurent Robert, Collins Mbesuma, Michael Ricketts and Alan Stubbs have all suffered because of this blight. Now it`s your turn fatso."