Still trying for the title

Last updated : 02 March 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby

"They made it difficult for us and gave us a real test but, in the end, it was a well recorded victory.

"On that evidence Chelsea are a fine side and I must say I am pleased with my players.

"It was thrill a minute and we got a clever goal to win the match.

"Where we've perhaps learnt is that sometimes when you're winning 2-1 you don't need to go for another goal. You can't always win 3-1 or 4-1. You have to learn to win narrowly and sometimes all you need to do is defend well.

"We're not talking about winning the league, we're just talking about what is the next match and can we win it?

"I know that we've got a strong pool now to fight on both campaigns and do well, so we'll just continue to do that.

"Where we end, we never know. We might not get into the next phase of the Champions League, but we're going to try, and we might not win the championship, but we will try.

"We're getting closer and better all the time. Manchester United have to come here and they have a healthier goal difference than us, so that's an extra point, but to be equal on points with them is just wonderful."

Claudio Ranieri

"Both teams deserved to win. Always the matches between Chelsea and Newcastle are very, very interesting.

"We were a little unlucky because they shot at goal only once and won the match; we shot a lot, but Given was unbeatable.

"But I'm very pleased with our performance. We played a good match after the Blackburn match, and Chelsea is alive.

"We want to achieve a top-four place, but it's not easy. Two or three months ago, everybody said to me Chelsea can win the league.

"I said `No, there are two or three teams better than us, we can fight for fourth'. Now there are two or three teams like Chelsea - Everton, Southampton, Charlton, Liverpool - who can fight for fourth place."