Sir Bobby's not quitting

Last updated : 25 January 2004 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby was reported to be furious with some of the press coverage about Carl Cort’s departure - in particular one report that quoted a club insider describing the striker as an “invisible man”.

This isn’t the first time this season that reports quoting so-called club insiders have caused trouble in the United camp and now the manager has had talks with Freddy Shepherd to iron out the problem, with an official statement from the club emphasising that he is not quitting.

The statement, which appeared on the club’s official website on Sunday, read: "Following reports of Sir Bobby Robson quitting which have appeared in today's Sunday papers, Sir Bobby confirms he has been to see the chairman privately this evening regarding the stories.

"As far as both the chairman and the manager are concerned, the matter has been resolved amicably and the subject is now closed.

"Neither the chairman nor the manager will be commenting further on the stories."

Earlier, the Sunday Mirror quoted Sir Bobby as claiming: "I will definitely speak to the chairman. I don't see why a club insider should be able to do things like that.

"I feel so angry about the situation. I'm livid about it. I'm going to see him about it. I will tell him how unhappy I am about this affair and the wording that was used about Carl Cort.

"He should really investigate where those sort of statements come from. If it is a club insider those statements are unacceptable.

"When I see the chairman I will tell him, 'Find that club insider and sack him! If you don't, I am going!' That's how bad I feel about that story."

Perhaps both Sir Bobby and Shepherd should consider the very strong possibility that the ‘club insider’ is merely a figment of several journalists’ imaginations.