Sir Bobby pleads for calm in Milan

Last updated : 09 March 2003 By Martyn Elliott

After the success of their underhand tactics at St James’ Park Sir Bobby is expecting the Italians to target Bellamy, but he is confident that the Welshman can handle it.

"You've got keep your cool in places like Italy and Spain, it's volatile and you've got to be a good pro," Sir Bobby told the Sunday Sun.

"I would think having provoked my players and won, the Italians will do it again. Illegally, but they will try.

"Alan's got to be Alan and Craig's got to improve. How many car crashes do you have before you start to drive your car properly? Bellamy has to learn from his mistakes.

"He plays international football and that's a learning experience as well and an extension of Champions League football.

"I don't know what the Italians' plan is but I think they might well target him. He has to learn that red cards are for mugs. He was very low after his red card against Inter, particularly after serving the ban from the Kiev game.

"You have to discipline players but also put an arm around them. He had to improve. There are laws of the game, 17 of them, and you've got to stay within them and know what that means.

"If he gets a bit wound up he's got to keep a hold of himself. He has learned, he has got better. He knows he's been sent off twice, he knows he can't afford a third time. He would be a mug! He is fiery but he's got to be in control, walk away, talk to himself and get help from other people - quickly!"