Sir Bobby blows his top

Last updated : 07 January 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Unfortunately I wasn’t, but it seems he didn’t let us down.

According to The Journal Sir Bobby savaged a number of players in a team meeting, before letting the senior players (presumably Shearer and Speed) have their say, resulting in a heated discussion about the inability to defend away from home.

They quote a possibly fictitious source close to the club as saying: "The manager was absolutely furious at some of the players, but he was angry at the team as a whole.

"He forced them all to sit down and watch the video of the game and it made painful viewing for a number of people.

"Certain big-name players were told in no uncertain terms about what he thought of them, what he felt they had done to the fans and what he felt they had done to the reputation of Newcastle United Football Club.

"He felt some of them had been a disgrace and he was spitting blood. The fact is the FA Cup was Newcastle's best chance of winning some silverware this season, but the players blew it because some of them did not give 100per cent.

"That sort of thing angers the manager more than anything.

"Certain people owe the manager and the fans something after Sunday and they know what they have to do."

At this time it is unknown whether the phrase "Vous êtes un gaspillage complet d'espace et vous ne mérite pas pour porter les raies noires et blanches jamais encore" was used at any point.

Lets hope the clear the air meeting has the right effect at West Ham on Saturday, because the Hammers will certainly be fired up after getting their first home win of the season and the possible introduction of Lee Bowyer.