Simon Cowell - The New Steven Taylor?

Last updated : 21 September 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor

Taylor has been taunted all week about having a Simon Cowell-style tooth whitening job, and wearing his trousers up to his chest.

So having opened the scoring against Plymouth, Taylor made a gesture - just like the one that got Tim Cahill into trouble last season - which was a message for someone who’d recently been in handcuffs.

However, he wasn't having a dig at Joey Barton.

Taylor: “I’ve been getting a bit of stick about my white teeth from the lads. They’ve been calling me Simon Cowell, telling me I’ve had them chemically whitened. That’s why I gave it the X-Factor sign when I scored.

“I’ve taken loads of stick off the coaching staff, they’ve been getting at me all week calling me Simon Cowell this, Simon Cowell that.

“I was going to hitch the shorts right up to my nipples, I thought that would have been a good celebration, but the fans would have thought ’what the hell is Steven Taylor doing.’

“Honestly, I’ve not had them whitened. It’s just Colgate, that’s all I’ve been using. What you find is the coaches drink a lot of coffee, that’s why they’ve got yellow teeth. They look so miserable the whole time because they’re afraid to smile because of their yellow teeth.”

Allegedly Colgate have offered Taylor free toothpaste for life for advertising their product, and Simon Cowell has sent him a pair of his trousers.