Shepherd Back? Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire?

Last updated : 15 September 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
Apparently Mike Ashley's decision to put the club up for sale has already alerted a number of consortiums weighing up a takeover.

Shepherd claims two separate 'big-money players' have approached him; although he will not be lending his name to their possible bids.

Freddy Shepherd: "There are people who would buy that club, there is no doubt about that.

"I've been approached by two consortiums to add my name to it. I didn't fancy adding my name to the consortiums that were offered to me, but there are always people who would buy that club.

"One thing I've learnt is never say never.

"I'd take a bet we haven't heard the last of Kevin Keegan. I would definitely bring Kevin back, he's the right man for the job.

"It's entirely up to Mike Ashley. When I worked with Kevin he used to identify the players and put a value on them and we used to try and get the money to buy the players. We didn't try to get involved in judging the player - it was left to Kevin.

"Nobody wants to see what's happened but I think the way the club has been structured has not worked for Newcastle.

"It's a fantastic club, it's got everything there, a great training ground, as everybody said it's got great fans and the team must be wondering what's going on - it's certainly affecting them.

"I think the position needs to be calmed, it needs to be stabilised. There is far too much emotion running around.

"To get back to what he paid for the club, he got us for the right price. He couldn't even build half the stadium for what he paid for that club. He got a great deal.

"As far as the money is concerned I think he should take the advice he gave to Sports Direct shareholders: 'Don't be cry babies'.

"He seems to be whinging now about the money, well if I was a Sports Direct shareholder I'd be whinging about the money as well. He should take his own advice. The debt he had to pay was if you like, the mortgage on the ground."