Shearer Will Help Us Rise Again!

Last updated : 23 March 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor

"We can take a lot of encouragement from that performance", said the former Spurs defender (against Everton, Hull City, Man Utd and Arsenal).

Should he change his tune? Because he's not convincing many people he knows what the hell he is doing.

He insists we will get the three or four wins out of the eight games we have left that will keep us up, because we are producing "good performances" ... when we have won ONE out of the last TWELVE!

On the final whistle Mike Ashley looked down from his ivory tower and probably considered another six months under the bed ... where he went hiding after Kevin Keegan had enough of his Mickey Mouse dealings.

Ashley looked out at the empty seats as the fans couldn't stomach any more and left him to his 'Glorious Empire' ... or what is left of it.

The owner who took over because he wanted fun with the fans ... and now they cannot stand the sight of him!

Where do we go from here? God only knows.

The (stand in) manager ranted all week about Michael Owen being the saviour to our season "he will score the goals that will keep us in the Premiership".

And what does he do? Puts him on the bench!

You couldn't write this sort of crap. It's too unbelievable to be a novel.

I was at Middlesbrough over the weekend, in Cargo Fleet WMC, and a Boro fan had his rant: "Boro are down and we've known it for months, so now we don't give a f***. It's going to happen so why worry about it? But you Geordies are going down, and you don't like it! The penny hasn't dropped yet. You haven't faced up to it."

But some are starting to. We had an e-mail from Ian Henderson: "We will take the Championship by storm next season have short trips down to Donny, Sheffield, Burnley, Preston, Barnsley, a weekend in Blackpool local derbies with Boro and perhaps the Mackems and win the league at Leeds or maybe Forest. Take thousands to every away game like the good old days just get rid of the deadwood and Ashley and co. They will piss off back to London and we will rise again. Shearer for manager!"