Shearer sums up Inter’s approach

Last updated : 13 March 2003 By Martyn Elliott

After sustaining another battering at the hands of Inter’s underhand defenders Shearer was left in no doubt just how the Italian team go about getting their results.

"At times I feel that we English are far too honest and we get punished for it," he said.

"The Italians are very good at what they do because they are allowed to get away with it. It's a completely different game of football in Europe.

"We had Craig Bellamy booked for going down in the penalty area, but when Christian Vieri went down in similar circumstances at the other end the referee waved play on.

"I asked why he did not wave play on at the other end, because when you are travelling at a pace like Craig does then it's so hard to stop and stay on your feet."

Manchester United and Real Madrid have managed to win the Champions League in recent seasons without resorting to the kind of cheating that Inter employ, and lets hope that the tournament is again won by a team who play football in the right way.

If Bayer Leverkusen can produce the shock of the tournament next Wednesday, it could still be us.