Shearer drops hint about the future

Last updated : 31 December 2002 By Martyn Elliott

Not the next manager?
In an interview with the Daily Telegraph Shearer drops a broad hint that he would prefer a media career to coaching when he finally retires.

"First and foremost, I hope Bobby goes on for a long time," he said when asked about becoming manager.

"So many people ask me if I want to be a manager. For the past two or three years, I've done a lot on the media side and I certainly enjoy this, so who knows? There may be something there at the end of my career.

"Football's all I know and I couldn't see myself being out of it for long. You have to be media-friendly but you also have to keep a certain amount back, which people say I'm good at.

"I've got 18 months left on my playing contract and I'll hopefully stay at the standard I'm at now. Then I'll decide whether to sign another contract, go into the media side or whatever. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

"This will be my last club as a player. I love Newcastle. There is no better place . . . wearing a No 9 shirt with a black-and-white shirt and scoring goals."

Shearer also pays tribute to Sir Bobby, adding: "People say we're playing with a smile on our faces, Bobby put it there. We were heading for the bottom of the Premiership and the Nationwide League when he came in.

"Forget about his coaching because everybody knows he's a fantastic coach. For me, it's his man-management. He gets on with everyone. The way he treats his young players, his experienced players and his big name players . . . how he handles them and gets the best out of them is one of the main reasons we are doing so well."

So maybe the future is not as clear cut as we thought.

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