Shearer – Rennie: It’s personal

Last updated : 27 December 2002 By Martyn Elliott

The caution means that Alan will miss the trip to West Ham after collecting five yellow cards this season, and has led him to question whether or not Rennie is running a vendetta against him.

After the criticism the official received for incorrectly dismissing Alan against Aston Villa three years ago, he could be right.

"I don't think we were helped by certain people and I don't think it is a coincidence," Shearer told the Evening Chronicle.

"It keeps happening. I have been booked and I have been in to see him. I thought it was the captain's prerogative that you could go up and speak to the referee, which is what I did.

"I said to him `Please speak to Mike Whitlow before you book Lua Lua', which he did. Whitlow said he did trip him so there was no reason to book Lua.

"But not only did he decide to book Lua, he decided to book me for what I thought was being very polite. I thought the captain could ask the referee questions. That's what he is there for. But obviously not with him.

"I think there is more than that. I think perhaps there is something personal there. If you go through the years he has refereed Newcastle, he has given me very little. Indeed, I don't think I had one free-kick in 90 minutes today.

"He said to me in the dressing room when I went in to see him that he had his book out and once he had it out he could not put it away, which I find incredible.

"It really amazes me but I have to be careful what I say because I will get punished. I did not swear at the referee and he will verify that."

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