Robert looking to stay out of news

Last updated : 23 September 2003 By Martyn Elliott

The Frenchman has recently received a written warning following press reports of an attack on Sir Bobby’s tactics and team selection (although the player denied making the comments attributed to him) and has now decided to cease providing the press with online ammunition.

In a statement on, he said: “I had an appointment with the chairman of Newcastle, Bobby Robson and agent Pape Diouf to meet them.

“As you know I have had many problems with the English press. With the situation becoming intolerable, both for me and for the club, we decided to join together to do something about it and we made the following decision - I will not give any more interviews on my site until December.

“The English journalists said that they took all their information off my internet site, which is completely false.

“I have not spoken any more on my site for ten days, especially after the business of the 55,000 Euro fine.

“By making this decision, the journalists will no longer be able to hide anymore behind my site. They will have to assume (responsibility for) what they write.

“I’m really sorry to have to act this way but you will understand that I must protect myself at the moment. It is necessary to be focused to play and the journalists went too far.”

Thanks to Simon Martienssen for the help with the translation.