Report Claims: 'Ashley Could Sell Newcastle Tomorrow'!

Last updated : 24 March 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
Although (as we reported yesterday) some Newcastle United optimists are looking at relegation as a possible fresh start for the club with Alan Shearer leading the way, the Journal reports: "Gerald Krasner believes if the Magpies do go down, they could be lumbered with Mike Ashley for a long time to come."

THE JOURNAL: Krasner believes Ashley would have no problem off-loading Newcastle if only he was prepared to write off much of the money he has spent on them.

But selling a Championship outfit would be a different story.

"You will always find at a price someone prepared to buy a football club if it's in the Premier League," he says.

"Ashley could sell Newcastle tomorrow if he was prepared to accept a big loss. It's if they go down that you'll find it difficult to sell.

"At Leeds United we received £5m, today it's £30m, so to some extent they cushion the fall. Leeds United were £103m in debt when we were relegated. It was a case of clearing the decks and starting again. Today, with the £30m contribution, it's fair to say the panic doesn't set in as much.

"The clubs in the Championship will say it's totally unfair to give relegated clubs all that extra spending power, while the clubs coming down will say the opposite."