Red card ruined contest

Last updated : 10 February 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby

"I just feel it was an extremely harsh decision. There was not a player that Dennis Bergkamp could have given the ball to, it's spoiling behaviour and I just felt the ref could have handled it a bit differently.

"The greatest law in the game is the law of common sense and he lacked a bit of that in that incident.

"We might have won it with 11 - we didn't lose it with 10. I've had a rough decision today. We've given a fantastic performance but they couldn't beat us with 10 players.

"We're a good team, tactically we did very well, we had the strength of two wide players and tactically we were spot-on. It was a marvellous game but the referee could have handled it a bit better.

"We're contending for the championship but we've lost that little chance now. 11 versus 11, with Laurent on a high, we just might have gone on to win it. Arsene Wenger will be happy the game ended when it did, because I wasn't."

Arsene Wenger

"We attacked well, we defended well and we didn't win the game, so of course we cannot say we feel that we completely got what we deserved out of the game.

"But it's part of it and Newcastle came back much more positively in the second half. But they didn't create a lot, in fairness, and of course we feel we had chances, especially in the first half.

"I thought the first half was of outstanding quality and we played very, very well. In the second half, both teams dropped physically because the pitch was very heavy and they got the equaliser.

"But I think had we stayed a little bit longer at 1-0 up, we would have scored the second goal."