Quinny Lays Into Half-Hearted French Players!

Last updated : 29 October 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

dThe former No 9 said Loic Remy, Yoan Gouffran and Moussa Sissoko weren't at the races.

Mick Quinn: "This Newcastle United team are a complete mystery to me.

"Hand on heart, I have no clue how this season will pan out. I change my mind by the hour.

"I can’t put my finger on what is wrong, but something is. They are not bad players, so what is missing?

"As derbies go, it was one of the weirdest I have ever watched. It also ended up deeply disappointing.

"We were so flat, so leaderless. We deserved what we got.

"I didn’t enjoy it at all, and I don’t often say that about these fixtures, even the ones we lose.

"Sunderland surprised Newcastle by starting with two men up front and the back two of Mike Williamson and Paul Dummett struggled.

"We had a lot of possession, but for way too long did little with it. There was nobody on the field driving them on. Nobody thought to give a team-mate a shout.

"We could have done with a Kevin Nolan. He would have been in the faces of the other players reminding them of where they were and what was expected of them.

"Instead, and this is the strangest thing of all, after getting back on level terms, the team as a whole sunk back into themselves.

"I didn’t see any energy out there. I felt there was a real lack of pressure put on the Sunderland players. And I don’t know why Alan Pardew is going on about the free-kick that led to the winner. You could argue over whether it was a foul by Cheick Tiote, but Sunderland hardly scored directly from the set-piece.

"The ball had to travel 70 yards from one side of the pitch to the other. Sunderland were able to move the ball from Jozy Altidore to Fabio Borini, without a single Newcastle tackle or anyone closing him down, the Italian hits a brilliant shot.

"Newcastle had plenty of time and opportunity to stop the goal and failed.

"I was especially disappointed with Loic Remy. In the summer, I was speaking to a scout who watched him almost every week when he was in France.

"He told me that if Remy fancied it, he was unstoppable. If he didn’t, he was as useful as a piano player with the lid down.

"Well he didn’t fancy it on Sunday.

"Neither did Yoan Gouffran, and as for Moussa Sissoko, he is a man that needs to give himself a shake because his tendency to drift out of games is worrying."