Pedro Looking For Draw At Old Trafford!

Last updated : 15 August 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
Peter Beardsley was absent at Old Trafford, having suffered a fractured cheekbone in a clash with Liverpool's Neil Ruddock in Ronnie Whelan's testimonial two weeks previous.

Peter Beardsley: "I wasn't involved then because I'd fractured my cheekbone. So I can't really remember the build-up, as I was in hospital.

"But it was a great result. It was 1-1, and obviously Coley scored after Nicky Papavasiliou played the ball through.

"That was the game that really got us started in terms of the Premier League. It was our first point, and from then we looked up and onwards.

"Going to Old Trafford is always a big game for Newcastle fans, and it will be for the players as well, so why not go on the opening weekend?

"I'm not saying we're going to win, but the players will want to go to Old Trafford. If you asked me when I would like to go to Old Trafford, I'd say this weekend. The fans will be full of optimism, and it's a great place to go on the opening weekend.

"When you look at the opening weekend, you get some funny results. Reading went there on the opening day last season and got a 0-0 draw. We'd probably settle for that, but Kevin being Kevin, would probably prefer 4-4!

"The way it is, we'd probably settle for a draw, and who is to say we won't get one?

"It's a tough place to go, but for me, the fixtures at Old Trafford, the Emirates, Stamford Bridge and Anfield are free games. If we get any points out of those four games, it's a big plus.

"That's not being negative - that's just being a realist. They're the best four teams.

"Even if you lose at Old Trafford on the opening weekend, it's not the end of the world. If we were going there around Christmas needing to get a result, then obviously you're disappointed.

"I think we'll do well. I think Kevin knows he's got good quality. He does want a bit more depth, but he'll get that eventually.

"At the moment, he has to work with what he's got. He'll do that, and I'm sure we'll go forward."