Pass The Hanky On The Left-Hand Side

Last updated : 07 November 2005 By Footy Mad - Editor

According to reports in yesterday's newspapers midfielder Kieron Dyer is so deeply depressed he has been in tears as he tries to recover from an injury that baffles the best of doctors. According to manager Graeme Souness the former Ipswich Town man is suffering a from a mystery illness which is effecting his ability to achieve fitness and is not in Newcastle United’s plans for the foreseeable future. Upon hearing the news of his latest set back Dyer broke down.

“I witnessed something I’ve never seen before - a player burst into tears in front of other players,” said Souness. “There was around eight of us - players and physios - in the treatment room on Tuesday and Kieron just burst into tears, and I had to take him to the doctor’s room. He burst into tears because he feels frustrated and he feels he’s letting everyone down. We all felt emotional and felt for Kieron because I like to think we’ve got a team spirit going. There was no mickey-taking from the rest of the players at that point.

“This is a hard environment to work in, the banter can be extremely cruel at times. But for five minutes afterwards, the players were still in shock. Kieron knows people out there think that there’s something he needs to do differently to get back. He wants the supporters to know that it’s nothing he’s done, and that he’s done everything he possibly can to get back. Kieron’s been extremely low... he’s deeply depressed.”