Parker Brings Back Memories Of Beardsley

Last updated : 07 June 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
Parker completed his £7million switch from Newcastle on Wednesday after agreeing a five-year deal with the Hammers. But as the Hammers manager says Parker is desperate to join the East London side, we all know Parker made a final desperate plea to Sam Allardyce on Tuesday to keep him at Newcastle.

Peter Beardsley made the same plea when Everton sold him to Newcastle when Keegan brought him back to Tyneside for £1m. A deal, if the truth was told, neither Pedro nor Sir John Hall wanted.

Beardley left with statement in the Liverpool newspaper: "I want Everton fans to know I do not want to leave the club. The deal has been done by the two clubs."

Sir John said the ex-England international was "too old" and "£1m is ridiculous for a player of that age". The only way KK convinced Hall to buy was by saying Sunderland were going to buy him. Something Keegan later admitted was far from the truth.

Curbishley: "He's coming to the club knowing full well that we're trying to push forward and he wants to be part of that.

"Firstly he wants to improve our team, then he wants to improve his chances of forcing his way back into the England scene.

"He has been captain of Newcastle and he is exactly the type of player that I wanted to bring to the club.

"He's very experienced but still young and I'm sure he's going to be a big asset to West Ham."