Pardew Doesn't Understand Geordie Culture!

Last updated : 19 May 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

dHe was full of himself yesterday, telling us Mike Ashley has no intention of sacking him.

But he is hanging by a thread.

A very THIN thread.

If the Geordie faithful turn - he had better wear a bloody big tin hat!

Alan Pardew: "I have been here two and a half years, and I have probably experienced every emotion you could go through - and that was in the first six weeks.

"But I have been here two and a half years through it all and just sometimes the sensationalism of it all is frustrating as the manager.

"When we do really well, there's a real over the top reaction and then when it goes the other way, it's the reverse.

"We have to accept that that's how it is going to be at this football club and be able to deal with it.

"But this year has taught us how to deal with that side of it when the criticism comes, that we need to really batten down the hatches and make sure we get a result whichever way it is to get us back on a run.

"We said it was in our hands and we achieved it, which was a good thing.

"We didn't want to wait for a result at Arsenal v Wigan, so we did it the right way and we did it under huge, huge pressure as well.

"The players have had to do that and I think they will be better players for it.

"You have to experience those times and the pressure of that situation to understand it, and unless you have been a footballer, trust me, with a big club like this, you won't ever understand it."