Olivier Bernard Should Go Hide Under The Bed!

Last updated : 01 May 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

Apparently Bernard says " It is not in our mentality to give up easily and I find it insulting."

But let me remind you of Olivier Bernard. During his time under Sir Bobby Robson he went on STRIKE and refused to play for NUFC because he wanted a move to West Ham and Bobby blocked it.

He even took Newcastle United to court!

"GIVE UP EASILY"? That's the moto on the French flag!

Olivier Bernard (talking to the Daily Star): “I was as angry as anyone about the Liverpool performance but it was the whole team at fault, not just the French.

“It was a white flag that was raised, not the Tricolour.

“To say the French players gave up is wrong. It is not in our mentality to give up easily and I find it insulting.

“It is true, Yohan is a big influence, but a good one, not a divisive one. Yes, he has helped his fellow Frenchmen to settle in and they may approach him for advice but surely that is a good thing?

“Cabaye is the heart of Newcastle. A few weeks ago everyone was saying he is their best player and now they say he is what is wrong, which is not true.

“All of them have great quality.

“The trouble is not a lack of quality but a lack of consistency.

“It has nothing to do with mentality and certainly nothing to do with nationality.

“I speak with the French lads and to say they do not care is ridiculous. It is lazy to say because you are French it doesn’t matter as much.

“When I played I enjoyed winning as much as Alan Shearer and hurt as much when we lost. It is the same now.

“The problem is that some of them are still adapting to the Premier League.

“Perhaps it was inevitable there was going to be a dip in form after such great starts.”