No-One Is Going To Say Carver Is 'Rubbish' Are They?

Last updated : 13 January 2015 By Footy Mad - Editor

Asked whether the uncertainty has affected the players, Janmaat said: “It doesn’t affect us. But it will be good when the club makes a statement to say ‘this is the new coach’.

“If it is (John Carver), it’s good. We like him. I think he can do a good job.

“We like him, but it will be better when the club makes a statement. It will be better for everyone. Then everyone knows.”

 had some good opportunities. One or two have to go in from that, and it’s another game.

“It was quick (the corner), and we have to react better. It was not defence from us.

“But we have to take the positives things from this game, and next week we have to take three points (from Southampton).”

Think about it ... no current player is going to pick the manager ... are they?