Nolan Leadership Qualities As Good As Shearer?


To be honest, I never thought Beardsley was a good leader, and I certainly would not put in the same class a captain as Shearer or Moncur himself.

Pedro is one of the greatest PLAYERS we have had wear the black and white ... but he never said a word on the pitch when he wore the armband ... and he was never one to role up his sleeves and shout: "Come on you bastards!"

Bob Moncur: "The United captain is a great leader and he is very much an old pro.

"I don’t mean in terms of advancing years so much, I mean we can speak about him in the same mould as the likes of Alan Shearer, Gary Speed and Peter Beardsley when it comes to his leadership qualities.

"We saw more of that in the Tyne-Wear derby on Sunday.

"It was obvious then you could tell he well and truly understood the situation he was in and rallied the troops accordingly.

"As captain of Newcastle United, you have a responsibility to make sure you are having the right influence and Nolan seems to be excellent with the younger lads at St James’ Park.

"He seems to enjoy being captain and he’s revelling in getting the goals too.

"Judging from where I am sitting now, I think that we won’t be relegated, we have proved we can hold our own in the Premier League.

"Whether we can push on to the next level and try to challenge for Europe, that’s a different matter.

"I’d be inclined to keep our feet on the ground but if Sunderland are in the chase for Europe, then you have to say Newcastle are too."