Nikos watches a different game

Last updated : 30 November 2002 By Martyn Elliott

Speaking after the Inter defeat the Greek defender claims that the defence didn’t do too badly.

"People continue to criticise the defence and two of the goals against Inter could have been avoided but overall I thought there was a huge improvement on the Manchester United match," he said.

"We have played two of the best attacking teams in Europe in the last week and when you are constantly facing so many intelligent runs and quick passes it is always difficult.

"There are things which we have looked at in the wake of the last two defeats but not all of it has been negative.

"We have made mistakes but there have been plus points too."

You were clearly watching a different game to me Nikos, and yes I do mean watching.

I’m always impressed by the commitment that Dabizas shows, but after this week the biggest ‘plus point’ I can think of is to replace him and Andy O’Brien in the centre of defence with Aaron Hughes and Steve Caldwell for Sunday’s game with Everton.