Nigerian 'Glory Seekers' Want Martins To Move!

Last updated : 21 April 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

Martins: "In Nigeria they are calling me; they are asking if I will sign a new contract. They say I should just go away, there are a lot of better teams.

"But they don't understand; if you feel passion for a team, even if they have problems, you have to help them out. For now I'm still playing here. For now.

"They say this because I miss playing Champions League as well, but a lot of players here at Newcastle have played Champions League. It's not only me.

"We're here now; we have to deal with it and try to help each other. That's the way I'm thinking.

"Most Nigerians support Arsenal, or Chelsea, Manchester United or Liverpool.

"That's why people always say to me, What are you doing there? I really don't understand why you're at Newcastle, go to Arsenal!

"I'm like, leave my team alone please! You cannot imagine how they are disturbing me in Nigeria.

"Because I'm at Newcastle and Nigerians love me a lot, they've started supporting Newcastle now.

"Even the Arsenal supporters will try and put themselves half-half, because of me. That makes me very happy."