Newcastle Take 'Responsibility' As A Team

Alan Pardew: "We are disappointed with the result because of the performance level. In some parts of the game we played very, very well.

"I thought we probably had them just where we wanted them just before their second goal and then it is two poor goals on our part.

"There was obviously a mistake for the first and then with the second Steven is so unlucky.

"It looks like he has caught his boot laces in his studs and that it has affected his jump (when the ball struck his arm), and we have ended up gifting them a third.

"We have to accept mistakes as a team.

"There is no (individual) responsibility.

"We had a fantastic opportunity to take the lead again in the second half. The post has denied us twice.

"I can't really say anything more. I was overjoyed with the performance but not the result, and that probably sums up my feelings.

"I thought on another given day we could have got a much better result, for sure.

"Certainly the third goal was really unlucky and that goal just gives a nice cushion for Benfica."