More Concern For Toon Legend!

Last updated : 17 March 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
Gascoigne has revealed his heart stopped beating three times while in rehab and that he also came close to committing suicide during his battle with depression and alcoholism.

Gascoigne: "My heart failed on us (me) a few times.

"I attempted suicide.

"In the bath yes, it's the easy way out they say, you know, take a few sleeping tablets, nice little warm bath and have a few drinks and just drop. I had just had enough, I had had enough of everything," he said.

"I rang my sister just to say, I am going to run a bath. I think she might have had a clue, I don't know if it was a plea for help but I did have enough anyway so I wasn't bothered.

"And I just said, look I am in the bath and I will always love you, or something like that, and put the phone down.

"I lay in the bath and just felt myself dropping off and I remember just getting ready, like dozing off and then the police burst in. About six police dragged us (me) out of the bath."