Money 1 Religion 0

Last updated : 26 July 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

Cisse had refused to wear the shirt due to his religious beliefs and had allegedly offered to wear either a shirt void of a sponsor or one promoting a local charity instead. It was reported that Wonga, whose deal is worth £8million a year knocked back the proposal, insisting that the player wear the logo.

Cisse was left behind for the pre-season tournament in Portugal and continued to train in the North East on his own. He was then subject to media scrutiny when photographs of him in a casino came to light despite his religious beliefs not allowing gambling.

Extensive meetings have been held with religious leaders, Islamic law specialists and the PFA to resolve the dispute and it has now been confirmed that Cisse will wear the same shirt as all other players.

He will now link up with his fellow team-mates tomorrow for training.

Previously the PFA Deputy Chief Exec Bobby Barnes has confirmed that they will assist on these matters to resolve a dispute.

“We’re all aware that clubs need to generate revenue and sometimes have to use a wide range of companies”.

“However, if someone feels very, very strongly that it’s not compatible with their beliefs, then some sort of solution should be found.”