Martins Has "Tomasson Disease"

Last updated : 25 September 2006 By Footy Mad - Editor

... some fans see it in a different light, and compare him with Jon-Dahl Tomasson who came to Tyneside with the reputation of being the hottest property in Holland in 1997. 

Tomasson was a similar age to the 21-year-old Nigerian and he struggled for the season he spent at Newcastle, only to join Feyenoord and go on to become a class player for his county and eventually in the Italian league.

Tomasson's problem at Newcastle was his habit of always wanting two touches. And that two second delay cost him a bag full of goals. Just as it is with Martins at the moment. The Dane seemed as though he wanted to "make sure" rather than go with instinct, just like the £10m man.

Roeder: "I know he will start to take the chances. Since he has been here, his ability to finish in small-sided games and practice matches in training is fantastic.

"He is a young player and he is maybe getting a little bit uptight when he pulls the trigger. But when he relaxes, he will finish those chances.

"He is a really good lad to work with, very conscientious and hard-working."