Low Life Redknapp 'Unethical'!

Last updated : 08 January 2012 By Footy Mad - Editor


Tottenham manager Redknapp claimed Ba had a release clause in his contract and that “everybody” was looking at the Toon star following his run of 15 goals in 15 top-flight games.

Bob Moncur: “I think the comments are unethical, and if true I am really disappointed in Harry Redknapp.

“I know if the roles were reversed he would be furious. I just do not know why he would make such irresponsible remarks about a player at another club.

“You just have to ask him what his motives are on this one.

“If he wanted to sign Demba Ba then fine, make the approach in an appropriate manner.

“If he did then surely he would keep any information about any potential clause, again if true, to himself.

“Why would he alert other clubs to such information – unless he is frightened by what Newcastle can do with Ba in the team?

“I am just staggered by it all to be honest.

“It just causes disruption for the player and I am very, very disappointed with what Harry had to say.”

Harry Redknapp: “They say there is a release clause in his contract, that is what we all hear.

“He has certainly done well and it will be interesting to see what happens there, but at the moment he is doing great things for Newcastle.

“Demba Ba has done great, hasn’t he, everybody is looking at him suddenly.

“Anybody could have had him a year ago. Full credit to Alan Pardew, he took him.”