Laptop Hacks Do Newcastle No Good!

Last updated : 11 August 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
It's not those Berghaus clad ants with camera's working on ground-level, building up relationships with what would appear to be more sauce's than sources beyond the walls of SJP. It would be bad enough if it was that lot but the last few months it seems that when it comes to Newcastle United, basic laptop-journalism is all you need.
It's bad enough when these guys turn up, camera's flashing and mobile phones beeping asking questions, taking down all the answers and then going back to HQ and reporting the opposite.

But the hacks that don't even bother to go on location, instead just hammering on the laptop for 10 minutes before scurrying back to bed to sleep off another hangover seem to be growing in number.

If they spent as much time drinking in the parks around England as they do in the pubs they would be no better than the 'hoodies' on our streets that the same kind of lazy, headline driven laptop-hacks created.
By this I refer to the 'branding' of seemingly all teenagers who are not indoors after 7pm 'Hoodies', in effect demonising youngsters who then become more distanced from society.

The branding of teenagers who in truth have little options when it comes to places to go when they are skint is in my mind a major contributer to the problems in Britain today.

Again, lap-top hacks choose the home option rather than go on location and report the truth without just looking for the line which provides the most sellable headline.
Whilst it's unfortunate that in this new world of digital communication the role of a journalist has become such that with the right mobile telephone he would never have to even visit his HQ let alone go on location like they did in 'the old days' and there is little anyone can do about it.

Human beings have lazy tendancies, it just seems to be worse in the world of print-journalism.
Looking at the current squad I really don't buy in to all of the negativity though. Whilst we are in no shape to win the league, we have as good a squad as any other club chasing a top 8 finish.

Looking at what we have now but including Coliccini and Derdiyok who are rumoured to be arriving I really think we have a good strong squad that will get us through to the January window where the club can look to add one or 2 more. If Shola and Smith are moved on then this lot isn't bad at all.
* means - can cover that position.
Goalkeepers: Shay Given, Steve Harper, Tim Krul, Frazer Forster
Left Full-back: Jose Enrique, Charles N'Zogbia* (Keegan is on record as saying another will arrive)
Right Full-back: Habib Beye, Geremi*, Sebastian Bassong*
Centre-backs: Abdulaye Faye, Steven Taylor, Claudio Cacapa, Fabricio Coliccini, Sebastian Bassong, Ben Tozer
Midfield: Nicky Butt, Danny Guthrie, Geremi, Abdulaye Faye*, James Milner, Damien Duff, Jonas Gutierrez, Charles N'Zogbia,
Forwards: Michael Owen, Mark Viduka, Eren Derdiyok, Obafemi Martins, Andy Carroll, James Milner*, Damien Duff*, Jonas Gutierrez*
If this is the squad we go in to the new season with then I think we have plenty of options available and enough for a season without european games.
 Don't listen to the garbage! We will be much better next season and who's to say Mike Ashley hasn't got a suprise up his sleeve? But with or without that our squad is nothing to cry about!
Howay Tha Tooon!!!!