Kinnear To Walk Out?

Last updated : 30 October 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
But, is the man in a position to 'call the shots'?

Four games - one win and a defeat to the Mackems? Only a 2-1 win against relegation certainties West Brom?

The man is doing his best, and trying to get some order back to a club that was in a critical position.

BUT he knew the situation when he took over! The club is about to be sold, and he was happy to take over the title "interim manager" ... so what has changed?

One win (at a struggle) and he's getting ahead of himself.

The Mail reports: Kinnear is working on a monthly contract but says: 'What I have to do is see how popular I become or how well I do while I am here and then I have got to ask someone if a long term contract is going to be offered to me.

'If not, I am not sure whether I can continue to work month after month so I would like a bit more security.

'That might not come to me because I knew it could take a minimum of two months to sell the club and a maximum of three with due diligence.

'It would take buyers a month to search around to find out whatever they do at football clubs.

'Maybe everyone else they spoke to wanted long term. When I took the job, I suppose that was why no one else did.'