Kinnear Doesn't Feel Bitter!

Last updated : 20 March 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
Joe Kinnear (talking to The Sun): "It was a serious operation. It has not been easy coming back but I am getting stronger on my feet every day.

"I've still got 80 stitches inside my chest so they have to come out before I can get back to work. Oh, and an amazing scar that goes from my neck down to my toes.

"They had to saw into my chest, take arteries out of one of my legs and deflate and reflate my lungs.

"But I don't feel bitter - just annoyed and frustrated I am sat here watching endless tapes of matches when I would rather be out there helping my club.

"The doctors say you should have 10 weeks' rest after the operation and I've had to be patient and started with 10-minute walks. But now I'm bombing around the park for half an hour at a time.

"If all goes to plan and I continue to make the same progress, I'm assuming the specialist will give me the okay and it will be all-clear for the Tottenham game on April 18.

"We'll be safe if we win our home games. It looks like a big name could go down but it's in our hands."