Keegan Hails His Two Superstars!

Last updated : 26 August 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

Keegan: 'Jonas is unbelievable. I've never known a player settle so quickly,' said Keegan of a player who dons a Spiderman mask as part of his goal celebrations.

'That's how he came into the club. Day one, he put his music on, spoke in English to everybody and walked out on the training ground.

'We did a bleep test on him and I've never seen anyone run like that. The next day we did a bit of football and I turned round to Terry Mac and said "the fans are going to love him here". That was the view of all my staff: wow.

'He's got that dual strength of ability and putting work rate on the end of it. It's a wonderful combination. That's what the fans love about him already, tackling, working hard, tracking back.

'These two guys I've fetched in have played in Europe and that was their first move, the hardest one for them. They are absolutely top notch, there's absolutely no doubt about that. They're not gambles. They can play at the highest level and they have done.'