I've Heard Of Bad Losers ... But God Forbid!

Last updated : 14 June 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
The Blades will discover later today who they will face in next season's Coca-Cola Championship, even though they have not given up hope of playing in the Premier League.

Top-flight chiefs are so confident next week's arbitration panel will not rule against their relegation that they have decided not to postpone the fixtures until after the hearing.

It is understood the league believe the chances are virtually nil that the arbitration panel will order a new disciplinary hearing for West Ham over the Carlos Tevez affair.

Today's fixtures therefore will include West Ham as one of the 20 Premier League clubs and not United.

The Blades have reacted by extending their campaign to the political arena with a protest meeting at Westminster yesterday backed by local MPs and actor Sean Bean, and a meeting with European Commission representatives today.

Players' union chief executive Gordon Taylor has also backed their stance.

Taylor: "I think they have a real, valid case. I just think it's sad that this has been a shadow hanging over the season.

"There were people involved at West Ham who knew what they were doing and they are the ones who should be held to account.

"If some of them are still in football then the penalties should apply to them for doing it wrong in the first place."